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Stacey Donovan, writer and editor

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Over 20 years ago, a colleague asked me if she could compensate me to edit her novel. Since then, my love of words and working with creative people as an editor, ghostwriter, collaborator, and writing coach has only grown. Looking forward to hearing about your project.

2015 was such a bookishly busy year that I did not find time to update the site (except for the great news that my first novel, Dive, was published again 20 years later by Open Road Media in 2015 – see “Donovan’s Books” for more)

More Stacey Donovan publications:

Write the World: Young Voices Across the Globe
Personal Narrative Guest Judge 2015
Publisher: Harvard Graduate School of Education

On Montauk: A Literary Celebration, (Anthology), 2016
Harbor Electronic Publishing



More Client publications:

--Conrad Brown, Sophisticated Swingers (4-book series), (Erotica), Shipyard Press, 2015

--Jane Goldberg, My Mother, My Daughter, My Self, (Psychology Non-Fiction), Free Association Books, 2016

--Riva Levinson, Choosing the Hero: My Improbable Journey and the Rise of Africa's
First Woman President, (Political Non-Fiction), Kiwai Media, 2016 (+ film option)

--Billy Baldwin, The Last Leaf, (Picture Book), Decozen Books, 2016

--Billy Baldwin, The Cookie that Saved Christmas, (Picture Book), Decozen Books, 2016

--Paula Quinene, Conquered, (Historical Romance), Infinity Publishing, 2016

--Bob Schwarz, How Did That Old Fart Get into My Mirror? (Memoir), CreateSpace, 2016

--Marilyn Wouters, Picking Up the Pieces, (Memoir), CreateSpace, 2016

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